Frequently asked Questions

​When can I expect my first booking? We do our best to get you first booking as fast as possible. This varies by region and depends on other factors. For example, the publication date makes a difference. For example, if you still consider the high season, a first booking will not be long in coming.

How do I follow my bookings when I rent out my holiday home?

We create an owner’s portal for you to see your bookings and availability: You will also receive an email every time there is a booking, keeping you in the loop every step of the way
Where possible you will also have access to the booking platforms.

What do I need to arrange before I can start renting out?

It is good to know in advance what expectations guests have of a holiday home. This also includes facilities and layout. 
Namaste Elite is happy to advise you on the best layout of your holiday home, so that you can provide the best possible experience for your guests.
Another point to consider is whether you need a rental permit for your holiday home. You can consult with a broker and / or financial adviser about this and other issues, such as local taxes and regulations. We are happy to help you with this too.

Are administrators allowed?

Yes. You can get other managers to help you with cleaning and with meeting your guests. We can offer you some suggestions with this.

When will I receive my rental income?
You will receive your income around the 5th of the following month. Although some bookings are paid out sooner.
We always try and pay as soon as possible
​You will also receive up to 100% of cancelled bookings.

Can I also use my holiday home? Yes, that is possible., You make agreements in advance about how you want to rent out your holiday home. If you want to stay in the holiday home yourself this will be laid down in the contract.  However, we prefer that you do not use the apartment in summer months and other peak holidays.

What are the benefits of renting out my property? It is always good to make money and renting out your property can provide an additional income or also help pay for the property.
How much you make depends on many factors. We will explain all this to you, to maximise your income.

How much can you ask for your rental property?
Namaste Elite wants to make sure you get the best price for your property. That’s why we use state of the art dynamic pricing to make sure you get the best possible prices and the maximum occupancy.

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