Namaste Elite

Why Choose us?

Maximized returns on your investment.
With over 35 years in the luxury hotel and casino industry all over the world and a strong background in business intelligence and data analytics, we are very well experienced in the industry.
A hands-on focused approach to guest service with a goal driven strategy to exceed the expectations of every guest. Without the guest, our business is nothing.
We use the latest technology together with vast experience of the industry and the area to ensure streamlined workflows that maximise service delivery to both guests and owners.
We ensure that the product, the service and the dynamic pricing, all work perfectly in perfect harmony to make sure the expectations of all stakeholders are exceeded.

Flexible packages to meet your exact needs.
We have several packages to meet your needs. Every owner has unique needs, and we are happy to offer customized management.
Setup is always FREE

Professional Support
We can arrange everything for you. From the time you decide to invest to the time you receive your first income; we will manage and guide you every step of the way Our approved professionals. have your best interests at heart.

Optimized Online Management
Your property will be on over thirty platforms across the internet in more than 120 countries. All bookings automatically synchronized to make sure your availability is up to date instantly.
Dynamic pricing to ensure your property is priced to ensure optimal occupancy and revenue.

We are always here for you.
With over 35 years’ experience as are always here to listen to you and give you advice and assistance., FREE

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